get-around-for-2-for-a-single-journey 25/03/2024

You can take a single journey and not pay more than £2 before 7pm, then after 7pm it's just £1. Now Sundays and Bank Holidays are also just £1.

Buy your single ticket on the bus using cash, contactless, Apple/Google Pay and your single journey will be capped at the price for that time. It really is that simple!

We’re also reducing the price of our Take 5 and Take 10 carnet tickets on the app, to £10 and £20 respectively, to reflect the fare cap. Don’t worry about paying individually for each journey – with Take5 or Take10, your tickets will be waiting for you to use on the app.

The fare cap is available on all of our services, including services operated on behalf of Lancashire County Council. Please note that the fare cap does not apply to school services.

If you haven’t travelled with us before.

• When you board one of our buses, just ask our driver for a single ticket.

• Your fare will be automatically capped at £2 and you can pay by cash, contactless or Apple/Google Pay.

• If you are using Tap&Go just tap your card onto the ready and tap when you get off and your journey will be capped.

Weekender Ticket

Take advantage of the new weekender ticket, If you buy a Day ticket for the Saturday you'll get to travel on the Sunday for free, so why not make a weekend of it*. 


What does “capped” mean? 

Capped means that’s the maximum amount you’ll pay for a single ticket on eligible routes. All single tickets that are already £2 or less will stay at that price. 

What about single tickets that are less than £2 already? 

Single tickets which currently cost £2 or less will stay the same price. 

How will I know if this is available in my area? 

All of the Preston Bus Network is capped at £2 for a single journeyexcept school bus services.

Does this mean that I can travel anywhere in Preston for £2? 

No, the £2 cap applies only to our single fares. If you travel on more than one bus and buy a single ticket for each part , then you will still need to do that, but each ticket will cost no more than £2.

What if I already have a monthly or longer-term ticket?

In most cases these tickets still offer the best value for money for you.

*applies to on bus tickets only, not available in the app or online.