Service Changes from WC 20 May 2024 15/04/2024

From the 20th May, we will be making some amends to our services. 

Services 65 – There will be a Minor change to the 65 with the Mon-Fri 0720 hours from Burnley moving to 0715 hours and will then operate earlier throughout. For timetable CLICK HERE

Service 69 - There is a revamp to the timetable this allows for more running/layover time, The service will now operate every 90 mins instead of every 75 mins. For timetable CLICK HERE

Services 76 and 78 – Service 76 to/from Blackpool has had a out adjustment, Mon-Fri AM journeys will still operate via Victoria Hospital towards Blackpool, however at all other times journeys will no longer operate via Victoria Hospital towards Blackpool. Passengers intending to use Victoria Hospital will need to travel via Blackpool Town Centre. For timetable CLICK HERE

Services 311 – This service has been reviewed and has had the running times amended, in the PM peak there is more time for the journeys to operate. There is also a route variation the service will now operate via Digmoor Rd and Gillibrands Rd and not via Grimshaw Rd. Service 312 - A revision has been made that will allow for this service to utilise a larger vehicle the route will not be operating via Dearden Way in Upholland. For timetable CLICK HERE

Timetables for the services can be found on the CLICK HERE text.