Clarification on Tickets 20/04/2023

There seems to be some confusion over which tickets are to be used.

If you are wanting to travel across the Preston Network throughout the day then you will need to purchase an EasiDay Ticket however if you only travel a couple of times a week then why not purchase a bundle of them!!! These bundles come in two types a Easi5Day or Easi10Day, our bundles of EasiDay tickets offer savings of over 20% than if bought separately. (You can get 5 day tickets for the price of 4 with our Easi5Day or 10 for the price of 7 with our Easi10Day). 

We also have 2 bundles of tickets called Take 5 Carnet and Take 10 Carnet these allow for either 5 or 10 single journeys only. (Due to a system error these previously where being accepted as per the Easy5Day and Easy10Day, This has been rectified and will no longer be the case)

Please ensure you are buying the correct ticket for your travel needs. 


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