Service Changes from WC 20 May 2024

From the 20th May, we will be making some amends to our services.

Do something fun this Easter in Preston for £2

You can take a single journey and not pay more than £2 before 7pm, Then after 7pm it's just £1. If your current ticket is less than £2, don’t worry it’ll stay the same price!


Our Tap&Go system is a way to make travelling by bus simpler, cheaper and more convenient for you! You simply tap on with your contactless card when you get on the bus and tap off when you leave. It really is that simple. No need to sta…

Clarification on Tickets

There seems to be some confusion over which tickets are to be used.

Another New Training Bus

We are proud to announce that we now have another new bus in our group training fleet.

This one is a little bit special though as Preston Bus has been given a little mention.

Our Training School is based in Bolton but covers the uk for al…

How to get reimbursed for your change credit voucher.

A Change Voucher can be exchange in the following ways
- You can ask the driver on your next journey to accept the voucher as part payment for your next ticket.
- You can ask the driver on your next journey for the full amount in chan…

Free Bus Travel for Pensioners

Getting about by bus is a great way to get back to doing the things you love.

Whether you want to reconnect with family, get out and about a bit more for your daily essentials, go shopping or simply meet up with friends for a good old natt…

Launching our Heritage to mark 100 years of Motor Buses in Preston.

Preston Bus at a event held at the Flag Market in Preston on Thursday 23rd June were pleased to launch and reveal to mark the anniversary year of Motor Buses in Preston, in which Preston Bus has been a part of from the start.

The first Cor…

The History of Public Transport in Preston

The history of Preston Bus from then till  now.

On 2nd May 1859, a gentleman by the name of Richard Vievers started a service of HORSE BUSES running between Preston and Fulwood, and so began public transport in Preston.