Selected tickets and passes are available on the Preston Bus Mobile App as M-tickets. These tickets are stored within your app wallet on your mobile phone and must be presented on your phone to the driver for validation when boarding. Following visual validation by the driver the M-ticket QR Code should be presented to the Ticket Machine scanner to record your journey.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure you have sufficient Internet Data and Phone Battery levels to ensure you can access your M-ticket at all times during your journey. If you are unable to produce a valid M-ticket during your journey you will be liable to pay the full fare for your journey.

As a security measure Preston Bus M-tickets require internet access when being used. The QR Code data within the M-ticket will refresh on a regular basis to validate the ticket and ensure it is not being used fraudulently. A live, activated and valid M-ticket must be shown at all times. Screen shots or photographs of M-tickets are NOT accepted as valid forms of tickets.

Preston Bus M-tickets require the upload of a photograph of the pass holder for the purpose of authenticating your ticket. You are requested at the time of purchase to confirm that your ticket profile image is a True Likeness image as this will be used by the driver and inspectors to validate your ticket.

If the photo ID presented on your Preston Bus M-ticket is not a true likeness, you may be refused travel and requested to purchase an additional ticket to undertake your journey. If your ticket is examined by an inspector and found to be showing an inappropriate photograph, your ticket number will be recorded and your bus pass suspended until a correct image is uploaded to your account.

Regular monitoring exercises will be undertaken on M-tickets by Preston Bus Inspectors, any M-tickets found to be used fraudulently on the network will be electronically cancelled and customers notified via the email address registered to their M-ticket Account.