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89 Circular Lea
via Railway, Riversway, Larches

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Service No898989898989898989898989898989
BUS STATION        0955101510351055111511351155
Larches Estate        1013103310531113113311531213
Lea Aldfield Avenue0530060006460716074108040822        
Larches Estate053506050651072107460809082709291013103310531113113311531213
BUS STATION055806280714074408090832085009521037105711171137115712171237
Service No898989898989898989898989898989
BUS STATION121512351255131513351355141514351455151515351555161516351655
Larches Estate123312531313133313531413143314531513153316011621164117011721
Lea Aldfield Avenue          16061626164617061726
Larches Estate1233125313131333135314131433145315131533     
BUS STATION1257131713371357141714371457151715371557     
Service No8989
Larches Estate17411801
Lea Aldfield Avenue17461806

89 Fishergate Improvement Scheme 16th February - 12th November
Work on the second phase of the Fishergate Improvement Scheme began on Monday 16th February, and is expected to last until November.

Fishergate is now one way with the permanent removal of the right turn from Cannon Street, but with a new left turn put into place.

Guildhall Street, at the section next to Fishergate, will be temporarily closed to through traffic until this part of the work is finished.

These aspects of the scheme should not affect bus services. Please note though, THE BUS STOP OUTSIDE BOOTS IS TEMPORARILY OUT OF USE. Passengers are advised to use the last stop on LANCASTER ROAD, the stop outside GREENHALGH’S BAKERS (near NATWEST) or the RAILWAY STATION stop instead.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience during this long term improvement scheme.