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89 Circular Lea & Larches
via Railway Station & Portway

You are now viewing Service 89 (circular)

Service No898989898989898989898989898989
Bus Station  0605 0635065507050715072507350745075508050815 
Portway Odeon  0615 0645070507150725073507460756080608160826 
Larches opp Terminus  0623 0653071307230733074307530803081308230833 
Lea Hawthorn Crescent  0625 0655071507250735074507550805081508250835 
Lea Aldfield Avenue053106010631064507010721073107410751080008100820083008400852
Larches Terminus053406040634064807040724073407440754080308130823083308430855
Portway Odeon054406140644065807140734074407540804081308230833084308530905
Portway Park & Ride            084508550907
Bus Station055706270659071307290749075908090819083008400850090009100922
Service No8989 898989898989898989898989
Bus Station 0835 174517551815183518551915194520152045211521452215
Portway Park & Ride   1753180318231843190319211951     
Portway Odeon 0846and175518051825184519051923195320232053212321532223
Larches opp Terminus 0853at180318131833185319131930200020302100213022002230
Lea Hawthorn Crescent 0855freq-180518151835185519151932200220322102213222022232
Lea Aldfield Avenue 0900uent181118211841190119211937200720372107213722072237
Larches Terminus 0903inte-181418241844190419241940201020402110214022102240
Portway Odeon 0913rvals182418341854191419341950202020502120215022202250
Portway Park & Ride09070915until18261836185619161936       
Preston Railway Station0912              
Bus Station 0930 183918491909192919492003203321032133220322332303
Service No89
Bus Station2305
Portway Odeon2313
Larches opp Terminus2320
Lea Hawthorn Crescent2322
Lea Aldfield Avenue2327

89 Road Closure: section of Lancaster Road, Preston 9th April - 26th August
The section of Lancaster Road between Ward’s End and Church Street will be closed to vehicles until Sunday 26th August 2018, to allow for street refurbishments.

This means a number of long term diversions will be in place for services leaving the bus station:

Services 5, 6/6A, 8, 16, 19, 280/X80 - Carlisle Street, Pole Street, CHURCH ROW, Church Street - then normal route

Services 89, 75, 77/77A, 114 - Carlisle Street, Pole Street, CHURCH ROW, Church Street - FISHERGATE then normal route

Service 112 - Carlisle Street, Pole Street, CHURCH ROW, Church Street then normal route

Service 14 - Carlisle Street, Ring Way, North Road then Normal route

Customers who previously caught their bus services on Lancaster Road are requested to board at the bus station instead.

Apologies for any inconvenience