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88 Outbound
Larches & Savick - Royal Preston Hospital
via Cottam, Ingol, Cadley Causeway

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Service No888888888888888888888888888888
RPH Turning Circle064007100740080708370910094010101040111011401210124013101340
Cadley Causeway064607160746081608460916094610161046111611461216124613161346
Cottam, Bampton Drive065307230753082308530923095310231053112311531223125313231353
Savick Shops065807280758082808580928095810281058112811581228125813281358
Larches Estate070607360806083709070936100610361106113612061236130613361406
Service No8888888888888888888888
  CF  CNF      
RPH Turning Circle1410 14401510 154016151645171517451815
Fulwood Academy 1425  1515      
Cadley Causeway14161429144615191519154916241654172417511821
Cottam, Bampton Drive1423 145315261526155616311701173117581828
Savick Shops1428 145815311531160116361706173618031833
Larches Estate14361457150615401540161016451715174518111841
Lea, Aldfield Avenue 1501  1544      
CNFSchooldays Only, Not Fridays
CFSchoolday Fridays Only

88 Road Closure: Black Bull Lane, Fulwood Preston 12th October - 26th October
Part of Black Bull Lane (from the Conway Drive junction to the Black Bull Lights at Garstang Road) will be closed from 0800 on Friday 12th October until 1800 on Friday 26th October, or until completion of resurfacing work during this period.

School buses serving Fulwood Academy will operate AS NORMAL, but may be subject to minor delays.

Service 23 will divert:
Outbound from the bus station, normal route to Plungington Road, then Lytham Road, Garstang road, rejoining normal route at Sharoe Green Lane. Inbound to the bus station, reverse of this route.

Service 88 will divert:
Outbound from Larches, normal route to Cadley Causeway, then RIGHT onto Black Bull Lane, Lytham Road, Garstang Road, rejoining normal route at Sharoe Green Lane. Inbound to Larches, reverse of this route.

Stops on Black Bull Lane will not be served by 23. Service 88 will serve Black Bull Lane stops between Cadley Causeway and Lytham Road.

Apologies for any inconvenience.