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88 Outbound
Larches - Royal Preston Hospital
via Cottam, Ingol, Cadley Causeway

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Timetable valid until Sunday 1st September 2019

Service No888888888888888888888888888888
RPH Turning Circle0736075608200850092010151115121513151415 1445 15451615
Fulwood Academy          1425 1515  
Cadley Causeway074208020828085809281023112312231323142314331453152315571627
Cottam, Bampton Drive074808080836090609361031113112311331143114411501153116051635
Larches Ave075508150845091509451040114012401340144014501510154016141644
Service No88888888
RPH Turning Circle1645171517451815
Cadley Causeway1657172717531823
Cottam, Bampton Drive1705173518011831
Larches Ave1714174418101840
CFSchoolday Fridays Only

88 Road Closure: Lea Road, Preston 29th July - 18th August
Lea Road (From Cottam Way to North side of canal bridge) will be closed 08:00 - 18:00 from Monday 29th July - Sunday 18th August 2019, for carriageway repairs and new traffic signals.

During the closure services 88 will operate: normal to Haydocks Lane - then divert via Cottam Way, Tom Benson Way,Tulketh Brow and Blackpool Road to resume normal route to Larches (In both directions).

Apologies for any inconvenience