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75A Outbound
Preston - Fleetwood
via Kirkham, Great Eccleston, Poulton

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Service No7575757575A75A75A7575A7575A7575A7575A
Bus Station   070507250725091510201120122013201420152016251735
Preston Railway Station   071007300730092010251125122513251425152516311741
Preston Riversway Victoria Mansions   071607360736092610311131123113311431153116371747
Ashton Bank Chain Caul Way   071907390739092910341134123413341434153416411752
Newton Post Office   072407440744093410391139123913391439153916471757
Kirkham Market Square   073107510751094110461146124613461446154616541804
Elswick Ship Hotel    080108010950 1155 1355 1555 1813
Great Eccleston Square    080608060955 1200 1400 1600 1818
Weeton Eagle & Child0850  0741   1056 1256 1456 1704 
Weeton Camp0855  0746   1101 1301 1501 1709 
Singleton Fire Station0900  0751   1106 1306 1506 1714 
Poulton Booths Arr0907  075708210821100711121212131214121512161217211830
Poulton Booths Dep0910 070008000821 101211151215131514151515161517261833
Blackpool Sixth Form College    0831          
Little Thornton, Hornby's Corner0916 07060806  101811211221132114211521162117321839
Thornton Four Lane Ends0921 07110811  102311261226132614261526162617371844
Cala Gran Holiday Centre0926 07160817  102811311231133114311531163117421849
Fleetwood Windward Ave0931 07210822  103311361236133614361536163617471854
Fleetwood Asda0936071007260828  103811411241134114411541164117521859
Fleetwood Albert Square0938071307280831  104011431243134314431543164317541901
Service No7575A
Bus Station18251930
Preston Railway Station18301935
Preston Riversway Victoria Mansions18361941
Ashton Bank Chain Caul Way18391944
Newton Post Office18441949
Kirkham Market Square18511956
Elswick Ship Hotel 2005
Great Eccleston Square 2009
Weeton Eagle & Child1901 
Weeton Camp1906 
Singleton Fire Station1911 
Poulton Booths Arr1917 
Poulton Booths Dep1922 
Little Thornton, Hornby's Corner1928 
Thornton Four Lane Ends1933 
Cala Gran Holiday Centre1938 
Fleetwood Windward Ave1943 
Fleetwood Asda1948 
Fleetwood Albert Square1950 
LCCOperated on behalf of Lancashire County Council
SHSchool Holidays
SchSchooldays Only

75A Road Closure: Navigation Way, Preston 27th September - 1st October
From Wednesday 27th September to Sunday 1st October 2017 Navigation Way in Preston will be closed to allow for essential maintenance works to the swing Bridge.

Services 75/75A will divert via Portway and Mariners Way in both directions. Navigation Way customers should use Chain Caul Way, Morrisons or Cinema bus stops, as Navigation Way will not be served during the closure.

Apologies for any inconvenience