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6/6A Circular Red Scar & Gamull Lane (6A)
via Brookfield & Deepdale Road

You are now viewing Service 6/6A (circular)

Service No6666666666 6666
Bus Station 053005500610063006500700071007200730and1530154215541606
Deepdale Road, Bus Depot0516053605560616063606560706071607260736at1536154816001612
Brookfield Shops0522054206020622064207020712072207320744freq-1545155716091621
Gamull Lane          uent    
Brookfield Layby0531055106110631065107110721073107410751rvals1557160916211633
Deepdale Road, Bus Depot0539055906190639065907190729073907490759until1606161816301642
Bus Station0545060506250645070507250735074507550808 1614162616381650
Service No6666666666666A6A6A
Bus Station161816301642165417061718173017421800182018401900192019502020
Deepdale Road, Bus Depot162416361648170017121724173617481806182618461906192519552025
Brookfield Shops163316451657170917211733174517561812183218521912193220022032
Gamull Lane            193420042034
Brookfield Layby164516571709172117331745175718031821184119011921193520052035
Deepdale Road, Bus Depot165417061718173017421754180618111829184919091929194220122042
Bus Station170217141726173817501802181418201835185519151935194820182048
Service No6A6A6A6A6A
Bus Station20502120215022202250
Deepdale Road, Bus Depot20552125215522252255
Brookfield Shops21022132220222322302
Gamull Lane21042134220422342304
Brookfield Layby2105213522052235 
Deepdale Road, Bus Depot2112214222122242 
Bus Station2118214822182248 

6/6A Road Closure: section of Lancaster Road, Preston 9th April - 26th August
The section of Lancaster Road between Ward’s End and Church Street will be closed to vehicles until Sunday 26th August 2018, to allow for street refurbishments.

This means a number of long term diversions will be in place for services leaving the bus station:

Services 5, 6/6A, 8, 16, 19, 280/X80 - Carlisle Street, Pole Street, CHURCH ROW, Church Street - then normal route

Services 89, 75, 77/77A, 114 - Carlisle Street, Pole Street, CHURCH ROW, Church Street - FISHERGATE then normal route

Service 112 - Carlisle Street, Pole Street, CHURCH ROW, Church Street then normal route

Service 14 - Carlisle Street, Ring Way, North Road then Normal route

Customers who previously caught their bus services on Lancaster Road are requested to board at the bus station instead.

Apologies for any inconvenience