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35 Circular Tanterton
via Fylde Rd, Ashton Lane Ends

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Service No353535353535353535353535353535
Bus Station 0550 0630 0650 0710 0730 0750 08050820
Ashton Lane Ends 0558 0638 0700 0720 0740 0800 08150830
Tanterton Hall Road arr 0607 0647 0708 0728 0748 0808 08230838
Tanterton Hall Road dep053006100630065007000710072007300740074807580808081808280838
Ashton Lane Ends053606160636065607090719072907390752080008100820083108410850
Bus Station054706270647070707210731074107510803081508250835084608560904
Service No35353535 35353535353535353535
 Sch Sch            
Bus Station 0830 0840and1704171217201730174017501800181518301850
Lancaster Road    at          
Ashton Lane Ends 0840 0850freq-1716172317311738174817581808182318381858
Tanterton Hall Road arr 0848 0858uent1724172917371747175718071817183218471907
Tanterton Hall Road dep0840084808530858inte-1728 1739 1757 1817183218471907
Ashton Lane Ends0852090009050910rvals1740 1750 1803 1823183818531913
Bus Station0906091409190924until1757 1804 1814 1834184919041924
Service No353535353535353535353535353535
Bus Station191019301950201020302050211021302150221022302300   
Lancaster Road            233000300130
Ashton Lane Ends191819381958201820382058211821382158221822382308233800380138
Tanterton Hall Road arr192719472007202720472107212721472207222722472317234700470147
Tanterton Hall Road dep192719472007202720472107212721472207222722472317   
Ashton Lane Ends193319532013203320532113213321532213223322532323   
Bus Station194420042024204421042124214422042224224423042334   
SchSchooldays Only
FFridays Only

35 Road Closure: Tithe Barn Street (partial) and Lord Street, Preston 2nd January - 1st April
Lord Street, and part of Tithebarn Street (betwen Lord St and Crooked Lane) are to close to traffic from Monday 8th January 2018. This means buses exiting the bus station will no longer be able to use Lord Street, and some bus stops will fall out of use.

Upon leaving the bus station onto Tithebarn Street, buses will use Old Vicarage to reach Lancaster Road. Stands Q and R (outside the Town Hall) and stand V (outside the former Great Times) will no longer be in use. Passengers for services 14, 23, 31, 35, 44 will have to board at the bus station from this date.

The Friday and Saturday late night 31 (midnight and 0100) and 35 (2330, 0030, 0130) services will start on Friargate (Hill Street, opposite Greyfriars) from Friday 12th January.

The period of the closure will last until Sunday April 1st 2018, or until completion of works within the period, but the bus arrangements are expected to remain in place after this time.

35 Road Closure: Lancaster Road, Preston 21st January
Lancaster Road, between the junction with Ormskirk Road and A59 Ring Way in Preston will be closed to vehicles from 0800 - 1600 on Sunday 21st January, to allow for maintenance works.

Services usually using the stretch of road to access Ring Way will divert via Ormskirk Road to the traffic lights.