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31 Circular Savick
via Brook Street, Ashton Lane Ends

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Service No313131313131313131313131313131
Bus Station  0650070507200735075008050820083508500905092009350950
Ashton Lane Ends  0701071607310746080108160832084709020917093109461001
West Park Avenue06200645             
Savick Way Turning Circle062306480706072107360751080608210837085209070922093609511006
Ainsdale Drive062606510709072407390754080908240840085509100925093909541009
Ashton Lane Ends063206570717073207470802081708320848090309180933094710021017
Bus Station064407090730074508000815083008450903091809330948100010151030
Service No313131313131313131313131313131
Bus Station100510201035105011051120113511501205122012351250130513201335
Ashton Lane Ends101610311046110111161131114612011216123112461301131613311346
Savick Way Turning Circle102110361051110611211136115112061221123612511306132113361351
Ainsdale Drive102410391054110911241139115412091224123912541309132413391354
Ashton Lane Ends103210471102111711321147120212171232124713021317133213471402
Bus Station104511001115113011451200121512301245130013151330134514001415
Service No313131313131313131313131313131
Bus Station135014051420143514501505152015351550160516201635165017051720
Ashton Lane Ends140114161431144615011516153115481603161816331648170317181733
Savick Way Turning Circle140614211436145115061521153615531608162316381653170817231738
Ainsdale Drive140914241439145415091524153915561611162616411656171117261741
Ashton Lane Ends141714321447150215171532154716041619163416491704171917341749
Bus Station143014451500151515301545160016201635165017051720173517501805
Service No313131313131313131313131
Bus Station1735175018051820184019001920194020002020  
Lancaster Road          24000100
Ashton Lane Ends174818031816183018501910193019502010203000080108
Savick Way Turning Circle1753180818211835185519151935195520152035  
Ainsdale Drive1756181118241838185819181938195820182038  
Lea Aldfield Avenue          00140114
Ashton Lane Ends1804181918321845190519251945200520252045  
Bus Station1820183518451856191619361956201620362056  
FFridays Only

31 Road Closure: Tithe Barn Street (partial) and Lord Street, Preston 2nd January - 1st April
Lord Street, and part of Tithebarn Street (betwen Lord St and Crooked Lane) are to close to traffic from Monday 8th January 2018. This means buses exiting the bus station will no longer be able to use Lord Street, and some bus stops will fall out of use.

Upon leaving the bus station onto Tithebarn Street, buses will use Old Vicarage to reach Lancaster Road. Stands Q and R (outside the Town Hall) and stand V (outside the former Great Times) will no longer be in use. Passengers for services 14, 23, 31, 35, 44 will have to board at the bus station from this date.

The Friday and Saturday late night 31 (midnight and 0100) and 35 (2330, 0030, 0130) services will start on Friargate (Hill Street, opposite Greyfriars) from Friday 12th January.

The period of the closure will last until Sunday April 1st 2018, or until completion of works within the period, but the bus arrangements are expected to remain in place after this time.

31 Road Closure: Lancaster Road, Preston 21st January
Lancaster Road, between the junction with Ormskirk Road and A59 Ring Way in Preston will be closed to vehicles from 0800 - 1600 on Sunday 21st January, to allow for maintenance works.

Services usually using the stretch of road to access Ring Way will divert via Ormskirk Road to the traffic lights.