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23 Circular Fulwood Asda
via Plunginton Road, Black Bull Lane, Royal Preston Hospital

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BUS STATION 054005550610062506400650070007100720 0730074007500800
Lytham Road 055206070622063706520702071207220732 0744075408040814
Royal Preston Hospital 055706120627064206570707071707270737 0752080208120822
Fulwood ASDA0545060506200635065007050715072507350745 0804081408240834
RPH bus turning circle          0800    
Royal Preston Hospital055106110626064106560711072107310741075108020812082208320842
Lytham Road055706170632064707020717072707370747075708100820083008400850
BUS STATION061006300645070007150730074007500800081008260836084608560906
 Sch Sch Sch          
BUS STATION080508100815082008250830083708450855090509150925093509450952
Lytham Road081908240829083408390844085108590909091909290939094909591006
Royal Preston Hospital082708320837084208470852085909070917092709350945095510051012
RPH bus turning circle  0839 0849          
Fulwood ASDA08390844 0854 0904091109190929093909470957100710171024
Royal Preston Hospital 0852 0902 0912091909270937094709541004101410241031
Lytham Road 0900 0910 0920092709350945095510011011102110311038
BUS STATION 0916 0926 0936094309511001101110161026103610461053
BUS STATION100010081016102410321040104810561104111211201128113611441152
Lytham Road101410221030103810461054110211101118112611341142115011581206
Royal Preston Hospital102010281036104410521100110811161124113211401148115612041212
Fulwood ASDA103210401048105611041112112011281136114411521200120812161224
Royal Preston Hospital103910471055110311111119112711351143115111591207121512231231
Lytham Road104610541102111011181126113411421150115812061214122212301238
BUS STATION110111091117112511331141114911571205121312211229123712451253
BUS STATION120012081216122412321240124812561304131213201328133613441352
Lytham Road121412221230123812461254130213101318132613341342135013581406
Royal Preston Hospital122012281236124412521300130813161324133213401348135614041412
Fulwood ASDA123212401248125613041312132013281336134413521400140814161424
Royal Preston Hospital123912471255130313111319132713351343135113591407141514231431
Lytham Road124612541302131013181326133413421350135814061414142214301438
BUS STATION130113091317132513331341134913571405141314211429143714451453
BUS STATION140014081416142414321440144814561506151615261536154615561606
Lytham Road141414221430143814461454150415121522153215421552160216121622
Royal Preston Hospital142014281436144414521500151215201530154015501600161016201630
Fulwood ASDA143214401448145615041512152615341544155416041614162416341644
Royal Preston Hospital143914471455150315111519153615441554160416141624163416441654
Lytham Road144614541502151015181526154315511601161116211631164116511701
BUS STATION150115091517152515331541160116091619162916391649165917091719
BUS STATION161616261636164616561706171617261738175018001815183018501910
Lytham Road163216421652170217121722173217421752180418141827184219021922
Royal Preston Hospital164016501700171017201730174017501758181018201832184719071927
Fulwood ASDA165417041714172417341744175418041810182218321840185519151935
Royal Preston Hospital170417141724173417441754180418141817182918391846190119211941
Lytham Road171117211731174117511801181118211824183618461852190719271947
BUS STATION172917391749175918091819182918391839185119011905192019402000
BUS STATION193019502010203020502110213021502210223022452300
Lytham Road194220022022204221022122214222022222224222572312
Royal Preston Hospital194720072027204721072127214722072227224723022317
Fulwood ASDA1955201520352055211521352155221522352255  
Royal Preston Hospital2001202120412101212121412201222122412301  
Lytham Road2007202720472107212721472207222722472307  
BUS STATION2020204021002120214022002220224023002320  
SchSchooldays Only

LONG TERM roadworks centred on the Ringway/North Road junction are underway, and expected to last until 31 January 2015.

The works are to upgrade the junction, including carriageway and footway improvements, and upgraded traffic lights. The likely affected area of road and footway is roughly a radius of 70 metres from the junction, along both North Road, Ringway, and Tithebarn Street.

Because this is a main city junction, the works are likely to affect many services, with consequent knock-on effects on other services.

Lane closures and temporary signals are likely to cause delays, especially at peak travelling times.

Apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.

23 ADELPHI STREET - ONE WAY RESTRICTION 29th September - 7th November
From Monday 29th September 2014 ADELPHI STREET will be closed to Southbound traffic (travelling towards the city centre) for approximately six weeks to enable gas main replacement works to be undertaken.

Journeys outbound from the city centre will be unaffected (service 23 towards Fulwood).

Inbound journeys will be normal route along Plungington Road. At Plungington Road/Aqueduct Street traffic lights vehicles will be diverted via Aqueduct Street, North Road, Moor Lane to Friargate, and back on normal route.

School bus journeys travelling northbound along Moor Lane will divert via Walker Street, Lancaster Old Road and Melling Street to the traffic lights on the A6, due to Moor Lane being closed to northbound traffic near the Adelphi Street junction.

23 Walker Street Diversion - 14:00 - 17:30 daily 1st October - 11th December
Extreme traffic congestion due to the ongoing roadworks at the Ringway (Holiday Inn) junction, has been adversely affecting the reliability of a number of services, including 23, 35, 31/31A and 44.

To alleviate the long delays customers suffer in extreme traffic congestion, services normally using Friargate and Ringway to return to the bus station will divert along Walker Street, Lawson Street and the Tenterfield Street underpass, then Ormskirk Road to the bus station. The diversion will operate each day between 14:00 and 17:30, until further notice. Unfortunately Friargate and Ringway stops will not therefore be served at these times. Customers will be able to alight at Lawson Street.

This arrangement will remain in operation until further notice in order to try to assist service reliability. The Holiday Inn area works are due to finish in December, but we hope traffic flow will improve by then.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.