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Park & Ride Portway
via Portway - Railway Station shuttle

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Preston Railway Station070407140724073407440754080408140824083408440854

2 Drainage Investigations: Portway Park & Ride Site 20th May - 24th May
During the week commencing Monday 20th May contractors will be working on the Portway Park & Ride site to investigate a serious recurring drainage issue.

Initially this work should take up to two days in the week, but may extend to the whole week depending on findings. It is likely that repairs will mean a further visit at a later date.

Plant will be on site from 7am Monday 20th May, and the contractors will have to cone off/fence off an area where they are working. Parking space will therefore be diminished, but disruption will be kept to a minimum

Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.