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16 Circular Farringdon Park
via New Hall Lane

You are now viewing Service 16 (circular)

Service No161616161616161616161616  16
Bus Station053706070622063706520707071707270737074707570807andat1757
New Hall Lane Hesketh Arms054406140629064406590714072407340744075608060816freq-uent1804
Farringdon Park Tudor Ave055006200635065007050720073007400750080008100820inte-rvals1810
New Hall Lane Hesketh Arms055206220637065207070722073207420752080208120822until 1812
Bus Station060206320647070207170732074207520802081608260836  1822
Service No161616161616161616161616
Bus Station180718171830190019302000203021002130220022302300
New Hall Lane Hesketh Arms181418241837190719372007203721072137220722372307
Farringdon Park Tudor Ave182018301843191319432013204321132143221322432313
New Hall Lane Hesketh Arms18221832184519151945201520452115214522152245 
Bus Station18321842185519251955202520552125215522252255 

16 Road Closure: section of Lancaster Road, Preston 9th April - 26th August
The section of Lancaster Road between Ward’s End and Church Street will be closed to vehicles until Sunday 26th August 2018, to allow for street refurbishments.

This means a number of long term diversions will be in place for services leaving the bus station:

Services 5, 6/6A, 8, 16, 19, 280/X80 - Carlisle Street, Pole Street, CHURCH ROW, Church Street - then normal route

Services 89, 75, 77/77A, 114 - Carlisle Street, Pole Street, CHURCH ROW, Church Street - FISHERGATE then normal route

Service 112 - Carlisle Street, Pole Street, CHURCH ROW, Church Street then normal route

Service 14 - Carlisle Street, Ring Way, North Road then Normal route

Customers who previously caught their bus services on Lancaster Road are requested to board at the bus station instead.

Apologies for any inconvenience