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14 Circular Longsands Lane
via St George's Rd, Deepdale Shopping Park

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Service No141414A14A14A14A14A14A14A14A14A14A141414
Bus Station            090709220937
St George's Rd Bus Depot            091309280943
Holme Slack/Deepdale Shopping Park            091809330948
Longsands Lane Squires Wood06050629          092509400955
Longsands Lane Anderton Arms060806320654071407290744075908140829084408590914092809430958
Holme Slack/Deepdale Shopping Park061306370700072007350750080508200835085009050920093409491004
St George's Rd Bus Depot061706410705072507400755081008250840085509100925093909541009
Bus Station062706510715073507500805082008350850090509200935094910041019
For journeys outbound from the city centre before 0907, please see SERVICE 5
Service No141414141414141414141414141414
Bus Station095210071022103710521107112211371152120712221237125213071322
St George's Rd Bus Depot095810131028104310581113112811431158121312281243125813131328
Holme Slack/Deepdale Shopping Park100310181033104811031118113311481203121812331248130313181333
Longsands Lane Squires Wood101010251040105511101125114011551210122512401255131013251340
Longsands Lane Anderton Arms101310281043105811131128114311581213122812431258131313281343
Holme Slack/Deepdale Shopping Park101910341049110411191134114912041219123412491304131913341349
St George's Rd Bus Depot102410391054110911241139115412091224123912541309132413391354
Bus Station103410491104111911341149120412191234124913041319133413491404
Service No14141414141414141414A14A14A14A14A14
Bus Station133713521407142214371452150715221537155216071622163716521707
St George's Rd Bus Depot134313581413142814431458151315281543155816131628164316581713
Holme Slack/Deepdale Shopping Park134814031418143314481503151815331548160316181633164817031718
Longsands Lane Squires Wood135514101425144014551510152515401555     1725
Longsands Lane Anderton Arms135814131428144314581513152815431558161216271642165717121728
Holme Slack/Deepdale Shopping Park140414191434144915041519153415491604161816331648170317181734
St George's Rd Bus Depot140914241439145415091524153915541609162516401655171017251739
Bus Station141914341449150415191534154916041619163616511706172117361749
Service No1414141414141414
Bus Station17221737175218121832185219121932
St George's Rd Bus Depot17281743175818181838185819181938
Holme Slack/Deepdale Shopping Park17331748180318221842190219221942
Longsands Lane Squires Wood17401755181018291849190919291949
Longsands Lane Anderton Arms17431758181318321852191219321952
Holme Slack/Deepdale Shopping Park17491804181918371857191719371957
St George's Rd Bus Depot17541809182418411901192119412001
Bus Station18041819183418511911193119512011

14 Road Closure: Tithe Barn Street (partial) and Lord Street, Preston 2nd January - 1st April
Lord Street, and part of Tithebarn Street (betwen Lord St and Crooked Lane) are to close to traffic from Monday 8th January 2018. This means buses exiting the bus station will no longer be able to use Lord Street, and some bus stops will fall out of use.

Upon leaving the bus station onto Tithebarn Street, buses will use Old Vicarage to reach Lancaster Road. Stands Q and R (outside the Town Hall) and stand V (outside the former Great Times) will no longer be in use. Passengers for services 14, 23, 31, 35, 44 will have to board at the bus station from this date.

The Friday and Saturday late night 31 (midnight and 0100) and 35 (2330, 0030, 0130) services will start on Friargate (Hill Street, opposite Greyfriars) from Friday 12th January.

The period of the closure will last until Sunday April 1st 2018, or until completion of works within the period, but the bus arrangements are expected to remain in place after this time.