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14 Circular Holme Slack
via St George's Rd, Deepdale Shopping Park

You are now viewing Service 14 (circular)

Service No141414141414141414141414141414
Preston Bus Stn [14]--------07120742081208420912094210121042111211421212124213121342
Holme Slack Lily Gr TC065407240754082408540924095410241054112411541224125413241354
Preston Bus Stn070707370807083709070937100710371107113712071237130713371407
Service No141414141414141414
Preston Bus Stn [14]141214421512154716221657173218071842
Holme Slack Lily Gr TC142414541526160116361711174618191854
Preston Bus Stn143715071540161516501725180018321907

14 closure on St.Paul's Road has been extended until 1 October as the request of Network Rail. 7th September - 1st October
The diversion [in and out] for service 14 is North Road - Garstang Road - St Georges Road.