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12 Outbound
via Railway Station, Penwortham, New Longton

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Service No121212121212121212121212121212
Preston Lune Street073008160846091609461016104611161146121612461316134614161446
Lower Penwortham, Bridge Inn073508210851092109511021105111211151122112511321135114211451
Whitestake Corner074308290859092909591029105911291159122912591329135914291459
New Longton School074508310901093110011031110111311201123113011331140114311501
Longton Shirley Lane075108370907093710071037110711371207123713071337140714371507
Service No12121212121212
Preston Lune Street1516154616161646171617461816
Lower Penwortham, Bridge Inn1521155116211651172117511821
Whitestake Corner1529155916291659172917591829
New Longton School1531160116311701173118011831
Longton Shirley Lane1537160716371707173718071837

12 Road Closure: Pope Lane, Penwortham 11th September - 7th October
For the final phase of the ongoing long-term roadworks at the A582 Penwortham Way/Pope Lane junction, Pope Lane will be closed to traffic at the Penwortham Way junction from Monday 11th September until Saturday 7th October (or until completion of the works within this period). Service 12 will be diverted, and POPE LANE WILL NOT BE SERVED DURING THE CLOSURE PERIOD.

Outbound to Longton:
Normal route to Hill Road South, RIGHT onto Cop Lane, left onto Millbrook Way, then A582 Golden Way, Penwortham Way, RIGHT onto Chain House Lane then continue normal route from Whitestake Corner. There will be a temporary bus stop on Chain House Lane (near to junction of Pope Lane) for Whitestake residents.

Inbound to Preston:
Reverse of the above route.

Please note that due to the nature of the diversion, some journeys are operating up to 15 minutes late on a daily basis. We do apologise for this, and would like to reassure passengers we are doing all we can to mitigate these delays.

Apologies for any inconvenience.