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114 Outbound
via Penwortham, Leyland, Moss Side, Clayton-le-Woods, Chorley Hospital

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Service No114T114T114T114T114T114T114T114T114T114T114T114T114T
Bus Station 070008000915101511151215131514151515162017301830
Preston Railway Station 070508050920102011201220132014201520162517351835
Broadgate, Meadow Court 070808080923102311231223132314231523162917391838
Penwortham, Kingsway 071308140928102811281228132814281528163517451843
Penwortham, Manor Lane 071808200933103311331233133314331534164117511848
Penwortham, Millbrook Way (Booths) 072508280940104011401240134014401542164917591855
Whitestake Corner 073008330945104511451245134514451547165418041900
Farington Moss, Croston Road 073608390950105011501250135014501552165918091905
Leyland Tesco0646074608500958105811581258135814581601170918171913
Clayton Le Woods, Spring Meadow0657075709021009110912091309140915091613172118281924
Clayton Green, Asda0706080609121018111812181318141815181622173018371933
Clayton Brook, Village Centre0711081209181023112312231323142315231627173518421938
Whittle Le Woods, Royal Oak071608180923102811281228132814281528163217401847 
Chorley Hospital, Main Entrance072308260930103511351235133514351535164017481854 
Chorley Interchange Arr073108370938104311431243134314431544164817561902 
Chorley Interchange Dep073608420942104711471247134714471549165318011905 
Chorley, Eaves Lane074508500950105511551255135514551557170218091914 

114 Road Closure: Union Street, Chorley 25th March - 26th June
Union Street, Chorley, will be closed 07:00 - 18:00 from Monday 25th March - Wednesday 26th June 2019 to allow for road improvement works.

During the closure services 337, 347 and 114 will operate as follows:

337/ 347 will operate from Chorley Interchange to Clifford Street - then will divert via Bengal Street, Commercial Road, Park Road, Market Street and St Thomas’s Road to resume normal route to Ormskirk (337) and Southport (347).

114 will operate from Chorley Interchange to Clifford Street - then divert via Bengal Street and Water Street to resume normal route to Preston.

The diversions will operate in BOTH directions.

Apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.