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30 Nov 2021

Seasonal Timetables

Seasonal Timetables for this festive period are now available
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12 Oct 2021

Tap&Go is coming soon

Our coming soon Tap&Go system is a new way to make travelling by bus simpler, cheaper and more convenient for you! You simply tap on with your contactless card when you get on the bus and tap off when you leave. It really is that simple. No need to state where you are going, so if you need to get off earlier than planned, you are only charged for the distance you have travelled.
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19 Jul 2021

The New 100

The current 16 (Farringdon Park) and 89 (Larches via Docks) routes will be combined into one cross-city route allowing passengers to travel directly across the city centre without having to change buses. The route will be numbered service 100, in recognition of it being 100 years next year since the company’s first motor bus services commenced.
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01 Jan 2020


Sometimes we use images for our Social Media Posts and Passenger Notices where we have to attribute the design (here are the attributes)
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30 Jun 2014

Help us to help you!

Contacting Us - if you need a reply, please help us to help you!
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