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Some Preston Bus City Network services have slight timetable changes from Monday 28th January 2019. See below for details and download a PDF timetable from the links, or see the individual service pages on our site:

Service Changes Timetable Download

Following low passenger numbers the 06:39 & 07:24 weekday journeys
from the Bus Station to Fulwood are withdrawn. From Monday 28th January
a single early morning journey will depart the Bus Station at 07:39.

14 The following early morning journeys are withdrawn:
Monday to Friday, 06:25 from Holme Slack to Preston
Saturday, 07:35 from Holme Slack & 07:52 from Preston
19 Saturday daytime frequency reduced to every 15 minutes. 19
23 Minor weekday timetable adjustments 23
31 Minor adjustments to improve reliability and a slightly reduced early evening frequency. Saturday daytime frequency reduced to every 20 mins. 31
35 Saturday daytime frequency reduced to every 12 mins
Late Friday & Saturday evening journeys after 23:00 WITHDRAWN.
88 The service reverts to previous route, no longer serving,
Savick, Preston's College or Asda. The timetable has been revised to help ensure morning and afternoon peak journeys are more reliable. Some contraflow journeys will operate ‘out of service’.
Adjustments have been made to maintain a 30 minute frequency at peak times, and reduce off peak frequency to hourly.

Printed timetables available soon from the Preston Bus information centre on the bus station.

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