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From Monday 15th June 2020, it will become mandatory for passengers to wear a face covering when travelling on Public Transport, this includes Preston Bus Services.

We are seeking clarity from Government bodies on a number of areas around these new regulations and advise passengers to keep checking for updated guidance over the comings days. Based on the guidance we know currently, Please find below information relating to these requirements.

What is Face Covering? A Face Covering is a cloth covering that covers the wearer’s nose and mouth. This could include a scarf, bandanna or face mask which can be made at home. Government guidance is available for passengers to make their own masks from the Government. A Face Covering is not required to be a medical grade PPE face mask. These items need to be reserved for health and care workers, people should ideally make or buy their own. However someone wearing PPE would be compliant with the regulation.

The Face Covering should be worn by the passenger when boarding and for the duration of their journey on the bus. It is not required at bus stations/bus stops etc.

Who will have to wear Face Coverings?

All passengers will have to wear a Face Covering, however there are exemptions for certain people who may not be able to wear them.

Who is Exempt?

There are some exemptions for people who are not able to wear Face Coverings, these exemptions currently include those with:

Breathing difficulties and other respiratory conditions.

Conditions effecting their dexterity, meaning they are not able to put on a Face Covering. Mental health conditions such as anxiety or panic disorders.

Other non-visible disabilities such as autism.

Cognitive impairments, including dementia, who may not understand or remember the need to wear a Face Covering.

Visual impairments, with a restricted field of vision, particularly if any residual vision is at the lower edge of the normal field of view.

Impairments which would make it difficult to put on or take off a Face Covering safely, accurately, consistently or without pain.

Those who rely on lip reading. This would include carers who are travelling with someone for whom a Face Covering will inhibit communication.

The regulation will not apply to children under 11, or children on dedicated school transport services.

Everyone is expected to wear a Face Covering if they can.

The above list of exemptions is not exhaustive and would extend to someone who has a justifiable reason for not wearing one on the grounds of health or disability not outlined above.

Who will enforce these regulations? Drivers will have the authority to refuse a passenger travel if they refuse to wear a Face Covering when travelling. Should a passenger become Anti-Social when requested to wear a Face Covering, the Police have the power to fine that person, in line with the existing Coronavirus regulations While we continue to work with the government on further guidance, our drivers will be exercising reasonable discretion when applying this new rule during the first few days. These regulations and the enforcement of them will continue to be reviewed and Preston Bus will update this information in-line with changes in Government Policy, please continue to look for updates on our website and social media pages.

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