<![CDATA[Preston Bus News]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news.html <![CDATA[Where to catch your bus - Preston Bus Station]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/Wheretocatchyourbus-PrestonBusStation_573.html Due to the ongoing refurbishment of Preston Bus Station, service stands will change frequently and often at short notice. This page will be kept up to date with stand allocations.

If you are still unclear, please seek the help of staff on the Station.

8 Moor Nook via Ribbleton Lane - stand 12

280 Skipton via Clitheroe - stand 13

16 Farringdon Park via New Hall Lane - stand 14

23 Asda - stands 18-19

19 Royal Preston Hospital - stands 23-24

89 Lea and Larches (via Portway P+R) - stand 25

6 Red Scar - stand 21

14 Longsands - stand 22

5 Longsands - stand 22

31 Savick - stand 26

44 Cottam - stand 27/28

75/75A Fleetwood - stand 27/28

80 Myerscough - stand 27/28

112 Bamber Bridge - stand 27/28

13 Penwortham - stand 27/28

35 Tanterton - stands 34-35





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<![CDATA[Service changes from 27th March 2017]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/Servicechangesfrom27thMarch2017_577.html In response to feedback from passengers, changes will be made to services 5 and 14/14A from 27th March 2017.

Service 5

Additional journeys towards the North East Employment Area (Oliver's Place/Pittman Way) will be introduced. These journeys will operate from the Bus Station (stand 22) then via Lancaster Road (stop P), Deepdale Road, Watling Street Road and Eastway to the Employment Area (note buses will operate a clockwise loop of Oliver's Place and Pittman Way), then via Eastway and Anderton's Way to Anderton Arms.

Buses depart the Bus Station at 0632, 0652 and every 15 minutes until 0852.

Regular Preston Bus fares will be charged on service 5, and all Preston Bus 'Easi' passes will be accepted for travel. From this date, fares will also be charged on the evening journeys, meaning these will no longer operate as free services.

Click here to download the full timetable.


Service 14/14A

The outward journeys (i.e. towards Longsands) on this service will no longer operate before 0907 Monday-Friday. The inward journeys towards the city centre are not affected.

Passengers travelling to Longsands are advised to use the revised service 5. Once the service 5 has reached Anderton Arms, the bus will then become the 14A to operate the inbound service, so passengers may 'stay on' to travel to stops in Longsands past Anderton Arms, such as the stop for Fulwood Hall Hosptial.

Passengers for Deepdale, Holme Slack and Cromwell Road are advised to use alternative services 6/19 on Deepdale Road or 8 on Ribbleton Lane. We regret the removal of the outbound 14/14A service during the morning peak period, but this has been done to allow resources to be used on the revised service 5 which is felt will benefit the majority of passengers. 

Click here to download the revised 14/14A timetable.


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<![CDATA[Service Changes to 74, 75, 75A, 80]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/ServiceChangesto747575A80_563.html From Monday 20th February there are some route and timetable revisions to LCC contracted services 74, 75, 75A and 80

Lancashire County Council has revised the tendered bus service network in Wyre and Fylde. These revisions will maintain public transport service links for Elswick and Great Eccleston, following the withdrawal of Service 78 from this area, whilst reinstating the hourly Monday to Saturday daytime service between Fleetwood, Poulton, Kirkham and Preston with connections to Blackpool and Victoria Hospital, as summarised below. Click here to download the new timetable.

Route and timetable revised, adjusting the service to operate between Poulton and Blackpool only. The service maintains a timed connection with Services 75 & 75A from Fleetwood and Thornton and also provides timed connections from the eastern side of the routes (between Preston and Poulton) for journeys to Victoria Hospital and Blackpool. The service operates every hour Monday to Saturday daytime.

Route and timetable revised, adjusting the route between Fleetwood and Thornton serving Windward Avenue estate to utilise developer funding to provide a service for this area.
The service operates every two hours Monday to Saturday daytime. In conjunction with Service 75A, a combined hourly service has been provided on the following sections:

  • between Fleetwood, Thornton and Poulton on the same route;
  • between the end to end key destinations of Fleetwood, Poulton, Kirkham and Preston;
  • between Kirkham, Riversway and Preston on the same route.

In revising the route to serve Windward Avenue, the section of Pheasants Wood, Tennyson Avenue and Marsh Road in Thornton will no longer be able to be served. Catch22bus Ltd's commercial bus Service 23 has been revised to serve these areas providing the link with Cleveleys, Thornton and Poulton centres as well as Victoria Hospital.
The revision of the tendered bus service route between Fleetwood and Poulton improves overall service reliability, whilst maintaining a connection for the wider Thornton community for links to Fleetwood, Poulton, Victoria Hospital, Blackpool and Preston.

Service introduced to retain the existing level of service between Fleetwood, Thornton and Poulton on the same route as the revised Service 75, and also maintain public transport service links between Elswick and Great Eccleston with Kirkham and Poulton, following the withdrawal of Service 78 from these areas. The service operates every two hours Monday to Saturday daytime. In conjunction with the Service 75, a combined hourly service has been provided on the following sections:

  • between Fleetwood, Thornton and Poulton on the same route;
  • between the end to end key destinations of Fleetwood, Poulton, Kirkham and Preston;
  • between Kirkham, Riversway and Preston on the same route.

A single am & pm journey extends on college days to serve Blackpool Sixth Form College

Route and timetable revised, adjusting the route between Ashton and Preston to serve the Maudland Bank area. This maintains the link to Preston Railway Station whilst avoiding duplicating Service 75A through Riversway and other commercial bus services on Fylde Road. The service continues to operate every two hours Monday to Saturday daytime. In conjunction with the Service 75A, a combined hourly service has been provided between the end to end key destinations of Great Eccleston, Elswick and Preston.

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<![CDATA[Revised Fulwood Academy School Services]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/RevisedFulwoodAcademySchoolServices_556.html Some school bus services to Fulwood Academy are revised from Monday 30th January.

Please click here for timetable information.

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<![CDATA[Direct evening journeys launched to make commuters' lives easier]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/Directeveningjourneyslaunchedtomakecommutersliveseasier_555.html From Monday 30th January, Preston Bus are pleased to announce that a new weekdays-only peak-time service to the Bus Station will be launched from the North East Preston Employment Area. 

The new service will be numbered 5 and journeys will operate from the Oliver's Place/Caxton Road junction via Pittman Way (past JTF and the Royal Mail depot) to Eastway then direct to the Bus Station via Watling Street Road and Deepdale Road. Passengers will be able to board the route at any stop along Oliver's Place or Pittman Way, but please note that the bus will NOT enter the Asda car park. As an introductory offer, passengers may travel FREE OF CHARGE until Friday 24th March. From Monday 27th March, regular Preston Bus fares will apply. 

Journeys will depart from Caxton Road/Oliver's Place at the times below (Monday-Friday only), with the journey taking 18-20 minutes, approximately 10-12 minutes faster than using the 23 service. 




For the full timetable and route map, please click here.

If the new service 5 journeys are popular with passengers, we will look at introducing additional journeys to meet demand. Furthermore, from Monday 27th March, a number of service 5 journeys from the Bus Station towards the employment area between 0700 and 0900 will be introduced - please check back here for details nearer the time. 

Please note that service 23 will not be affected by these changes. 


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<![CDATA[Service Changes - Service 44]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/ServiceChanges-Service44_552.html From Monday 30th January 2017, certain journeys on service 44 (Bus Station-Cottam) will divert via the Barry Avenue area of Ingol. Journeys between 0940 and 1500 Monday-Friday and all day Saturday will operate via Barry Avenue and Dunbar Road at Ingol.

The changes, which are made as a result of passenger feedback, are aimed to make life easier for the elderly and disabled passengers in this area of Ingol. When the initial service changes were made in April 2016, Preston Bus promised to listen to feedback and make changes where possible in response to this.

Due to road traffic congestion in Preston City Centre, it has not been possible to divert all journeys via Dunbar Road while also maintaining a punctual service. During the week, journeys have been diverted during the middle of the day when the traffic is quieter and the longer journey can be accomodated. As the traffic on Saturdays is usually lighter, we have been able to divert all journeys via Dunbar Road.

On journeys towards Cottam, buses will operate via the normal route to Cottam Avenue, then via Barry Avenue, Dunbar Road, Creswell Avenue, Barry Avenue, Cottam Avenue and Whitby Avenue then as normal route to Cottam Avenue.

On journeys towards the Bus Station, buses will operate via normal route to Whitby Avenue, then via Cottam Avenue, Barry Avenue, Dunbar Road, Creswell Avenue, Barry Avenue, Cottam Avenue, Tag Lane, then as normal route into Preston.

Usage of the new section of route will be closely monitored and passengers are very much encouraged to take advantage of the revised 44 service.

Please click here for the revised timetable.

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<![CDATA[Throwback Thursday History of Moor Nook service]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/ThrowbackThursdayHistoryofMoorNookservice_535.html         The first bus service to Moor Nook or Moorside, as it was then known, commenced running on 10th July 1939, using the route letter M and was routed via Ribbleton Lane, Skeffington Road, Cemetery Road and Miller Road. However, at this time there were no houses beyond the end of Miller Road and the buses turned round at what used to be called Ullswater Road (since renamed Village Drive). In August 1948 alternate buses were extended to Moor Nook Farm to turn round at the junction of Grizedale Crescent and Thornley Road. The terminus was altered to the junction of Pope Lane and Ribbleton Hall Drive in September 1950.

Before moving to the Bus Station, the Moor Nook service departed from a stand in Church Street, except for an eight year period, between 1952-60, when the stand was in Birley Street. 1951 Leyland PD2/1, No.116, is seen in Birley Street, in the mid-1950s.

Photo: Mike Rhodes collection

           In March 1952 the service was re-lettered MN and an additional service, running on Saturdays only and lettered M, commenced running via Ribbleton Lane and Ribbleton Avenue. This latter service was withdrawn in December 1956. From March 1953 the Ullswater Road terminus was abandoned and a few months later the service was linked across town with the Broadgate BR. In May 1965 outbound buses were rerouted via Acregate Lane. Through running to Broadgate was discontinued in December 1968 when the Broadgate service was converted to 'PAYB' operation. Having latterly run from a stand in Birley Street the MN was relocated to the new Bus Station, in October 1969. 'PAYB' Leyland Panther buses were introduced to the service from 3rd December 1971, on Monday to Saturday (Sundays from 5th September 1976). The service was rerouted again, outbound via Blackpool Road, in January 1972 and at the same time altered to turn at Moor Nook via Fairsnape Road and Thornley Road.

The service was converted to 'PAYB' operation on 3rd December 1971 and was initially operated by Leyland Panthers, before Atlanteans took over in the early 1980s. No.205 was one of five MCW-bodied Panthers, which were new in December 1968. It is seen in Cemetery Road on 22nd August 1980

Photo: Mike Rhodes

      On the introduction of service numbers, in November 1980, the route was numbered 7. In October 1985 the service number was changed to 8 so that the number 7 could be used for one of the Brookfield services. In October 1986 inbound buses were rerouted as outbound, via Blackpool Road and Ribbleton Avenue. On 13th July 1987 the service was converted to mini-bus operation and re-routed to use Ribbleton Avenue to Ribbleton Hall Drive and then loop around the estate.

Mini-buses were introduced to the service from 13th July 1987. The route through the estate was subsequently altered several times. MCW Metrorider, No.34, was one of 42 of the type operated and is seen in Grizedale Crescent on, 29th November 2004.

Photo: Mike Rhodes

        From 16th October 1989 an additional mini-bus operated service, numbered 9, commenced running via Stanley Street, New Hall Lane, Blackpool Road and Miller Road. It was withdrawn in May 2001 and reintroduced by Stagecoach in October 2007. In May 2001 service 8 was altered to use Farringdon Lane and Grizedale Crescent, which continued until June 2004, when it reverted bac7884k to Ribbleton Hall Drive. Low-floor Optare Solo buses were introduced to the route on 13th October 2006. Following the takeover by Rotala, in January 2011, big buses were reintroduced to the service.

Earlier this year Rotala invested in a fleet of Wrightbus Streetlites and six of the type were allocated to the Preston Bus fleet. No.32302 is seen on its first day in service, on 25th April, in Pope Lane on the Moor Nook estate.

Photo: Mike Rhodes

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<![CDATA[Timetable and route changes to Service 3A]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/TimetableandroutechangestoService3A_531.html Lancashire County Council has revised the route and timetable for service 3A, amending the service to additionally serve Tanhouse Road in both directions instead of Grimshaw Road, in Skelmersdale. The changes come into effect on Monday 5th December 2016.

There has also been a minor route alteration in Parbold to serve the village in an anti-clockwise direction loop (from Alder Lane, Lancaster Lane, The Common, Station Road and Mill Lane back to Alder Lane). This will assist with maintaining reliability by avoiding double running over the railway crossing (where delays have been experienced), and as a consequence provides a service for the eastern side of the village.

The timetable has been amended to accommodate the route adjustments, and Preston Bus continue to run the service every hour during Monday to Saturday daytime. The revised timetable can be downloaded here.

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<![CDATA[Blog Preston goes 'on the buses’ in new partnership]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/BlogPrestongoesonthebusesinnewpartnership_529.html A community newspaper and bus provider in Lancashire have teamed up to keep passengers entertained. 


Blog Preston's community newspaper is now 'on the buses' thanks to Preston Bus.


A total of 1,000 copies are being distributed via Preston Bus Station and onto vehicles.


Tom Calderbank from Preston Bus said: "We are trialling making Blog Preston newspapers available on a small number of vehicles used on the long-distance Preston-Skipton service. 

"Hopefully, this trial will be a success and can be rolled out across all services in the near future. We are working to improve the quality of our services for customers and we feel that giving them something to read on their journey will help to pass the time. Blog Preston is a high quality publication and one that matches our customers' interests."


The free weekly community newspaper is distributed to thousands of homes across the city and also available at various pick up points in the city centre. It started as a community website in 2009 and continues to publish via www.blogpreston.co.uk reaching 30,000 Prestonians a week.


Editor and founder of Blog Preston Ed Walker said: "It's great to be working with Preston Bus on this. We know plenty of people already log on while on the bus to keep abreast of the latest Preston goings on, but it's also great to be able to offer them this weekly digest to browse while on the move too.


"Hopefully we can expand after this trial to see Blog Preston on every bus service across the city."

Fri, 18 Nov 2016 00:00:00 GMT http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/BlogPrestongoesonthebusesinnewpartnership_529.html
<![CDATA[Preston Bus supports BBC Children in Need]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/PrestonBussupportsBBCChildreninNeed_528.html Preston Bus was pleased to be able to support the volunteers working on the BBC DIY SOS project in Blackpool. Nick Knowles, DIY SOS presenter, and the ‘Purple Shirts’ team have begun transforming a Blackpool-based young carers centre from a run-down, neglected Victorian house, to a fun, safe and supportive environment where young carers are able to enjoy their childhood.

Back in the summer, in partnership with our friends at Myerscough College, Bilsborrow, we provided transport for the volunteer 'Purple Shirts' team to and from the build site each day over the two-week project. Transport was operated both by Myerscough College mini buses and Preston Bus double deckers based at our small depot in Blackpool. 

Bob Dunn, Managing Director of Preston Bus, commented "it was a pleasure to be involved in this very worthwhile cause. I do hope the young carers enjoy the refurbished building for many years to come."


The programme is due to air on BBC1 at 20.00 on Thursday 17th November, and will be available to view on BBC iPlayer for weeks following. 

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