<![CDATA[Preston Bus News]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news.html <![CDATA[Preston Bus Station: Updated Service Departure Stands: From Sunday 11th June 2017]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/PrestonBusStationUpdatedServiceDepartureStandsFromSunday11thJune2017_597.html

The following stand numbers will come into use for Preston Bus services from Sunday 11th June 2017.

As the next phase of Preston Bus Refurbishment work begins - with traffic diverting from parts of Tithebarn Street onto the bus station - Bus stands on the Western (Tithebarn Street) side of the station have been reorganised again. Barring any individual stand closures/changes resulting specifically from work on the building, these stands should remain current until at least September 2017.

Stand Service Destination 112 * Preston Bus spare/overflow 113-114 35 Tanterton, Lane Ends 115 * Preston Bus spare/overflow 116 280/X80 Skipton, Clitheroe, Whalley 117 16 Farringdon Park, New Hall Lane 118 8 Moor Nook, Ribbleton 119-120 19 Royal Preston Hospital, Deepdale 121-122 23 Asda Fulwood, RPH, Plungington 123-124 * Preston Bus spare/overflow 125 6 Red Scar, Gamull Lane, Brookfield, Deepdale 126


14/14A Longsands, Holme Slack, Deepdale
Shopping park
5 Fulwood, N. E. Employment Area 127 75/75A
80 75/75A Fleetwood, Kirkham, Poulton
80 Myerscough, Gt Eccleston 128 13
112 13 Penwortham
112 Bamber Bridge Sainsbury's 129-131 - National Express/Megabus 132 89 Lea & Larches, Docks 133 * Preston Bus spare/overflow 134 31 Savick, Lane Ends, Tulketh Mill 135



Cottam & Ingol, Lane Ends, Tulketh Mill

DalesBus Sundays only service to Richmond & Leyburn

The stands on the West side have already been re-numbered from the customer's point of view to avoid confusion with the new/re-numbered stands on the East Side. The West side stands are all now three digits, beginning with "1" - so stand 12 has become 112, stand 35 has become 135 and so on.





















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<![CDATA[Vacancies - Trainee Bus Driver]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/Vacancies-TraineeBusDriver_587.html Preston Bus is happy to announce that we have a new in-house Instructor - and with successful trainee drivers already starting employment with us, we're on the look out for some more!

We are looking for motivated, committed, enthusiastic individuals who can meet our customer needs. You must have a full UK driving licence (car) and have at least two years driving experience, and experience in customer service is an advantage.

We offer successful applicants a full training programme leading to professional driving qualifications.

To apply, please download an application form, and return to our Deepdale Road depot

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<![CDATA[Services over the Easter period]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/ServicesovertheEasterperiod_584.html The following level of service will operate over the Easter period.

Normal service up to and including Thursday 13th April.

Friday 14th April (Good Friday) - a Sunday level of service will operate on all routes.

Saturday 15th April - a normal Saturday service will operate on all routes.

Sunday 16th April (Easter Sunday) - a normal Sunday service will operate on all routes.

Monday 17th April (Easter Monday) - a Sunday level of service will operate on all routes. Please note that Preston North End play Norwich City at home on Monday 17th April, so football special services 287/289 will operate as normal. Click here for details.

Normal weekday service recommences on Tuesday 19th April.


Please note that services which do not normally operate on Sundays will not operate on Good Friday or Easter Monday.

Our Travel Information Office will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Our Inspector's Office, upstairs opposite stand 31 is open daily until 2230 for travel information and credit voucher redemption.


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<![CDATA[DalesBus services 2017]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/DalesBusservices2017_583.html Preston Bus is pleased to announce that it will be operating service 830 to Richmond and Leyburn as part of the DalesBus Sunday network of services through the Yorkshire Dales. The service, which this year is extended to commence from Preston, was recently described as one of Britain's most beautiful bus routes (see here).

The service will involve one return journey to Leyburn via Lancaster University, Lancaster, Kirkby Lonsdale, Ingleton, Ribblehead, Hawes, Reeth and Richmond on Sundays only. The journey leaves Preston at 0815, with the return journey departing Leyburn at 1515 and Richmond at 1630. The service operates Sundays and Bank Holidays only between 7th May and 24th September.

Full timetable information is available here.

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<![CDATA[Eggstra-Special Offer for Easter!]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/Eggstra-SpecialOfferforEaster_580.html Following the success of our Christmas Day ticket offer, Our school holiday Special Offer this Easter sees the return of our £1.20 Child Day Ticket.

Under 16s will be able to use our city bus services all day for just £1.20 (the usual price of our Child Flat Fare). The offer runs from Saturday April 1st to Monday April 17th (inclusive). It's no April Fool!

Valid on Preston City Network Services: 5, 6/6A, 8, 12, 14/14A, 16, 19, 23, 31, 35, 44, 88, 89, plus 280/X80 (between city & Tickled Trout only)

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<![CDATA[Where to catch your bus - Preston Bus Station]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/Wheretocatchyourbus-PrestonBusStation_573.html Due to the ongoing refurbishment of Preston Bus Station, service stands will change frequently and often at short notice. This page will be kept up to date with stand allocations.

If you are still unclear, please seek the help of staff on the Station.

8 Moor Nook via Ribbleton Lane - stand 12

280 Skipton via Clitheroe - stand 13

16 Farringdon Park via New Hall Lane - stand 14

23 Asda - stands 18-19

19 Royal Preston Hospital - stands 23-24

89 Lea and Larches (via Portway P+R) - stand 25

6 Red Scar - stand 21

14 Longsands - stand 22

5 Longsands - stand 22

31 Savick - stand 26

44 Cottam - stand 27/28

75/75A Fleetwood - stand 27/28

80 Myerscough - stand 27/28

112 Bamber Bridge - stand 27/28

13 Penwortham - stand 27/28

35 Tanterton - stands 34-35





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<![CDATA[Service changes from 27th March 2017]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/Servicechangesfrom27thMarch2017_577.html In response to feedback from passengers, changes will be made to services 5 and 14/14A from 27th March 2017.

Service 5

Additional journeys towards the North East Employment Area (Oliver's Place/Pittman Way) will be introduced. These journeys will operate from the Bus Station (stand 22) then via Lancaster Road (stop P), Deepdale Road, Watling Street Road and Eastway to the Employment Area (note buses will operate a clockwise loop of Oliver's Place and Pittman Way), then via Eastway and Anderton's Way to Anderton Arms.

Buses depart the Bus Station at 0632, 0652 and every 15 minutes until 0852.

Regular Preston Bus fares will be charged on service 5, and all Preston Bus 'Easi' passes will be accepted for travel. From this date, fares will also be charged on the evening journeys, meaning these will no longer operate as free services.

Click here to download the full timetable.


Service 14/14A

The outward journeys (i.e. towards Longsands) on this service will no longer operate before 0907 Monday-Friday. The inward journeys towards the city centre are not affected.

Passengers travelling to Longsands are advised to use the revised service 5. Once the service 5 has reached Anderton Arms, the bus will then become the 14A to operate the inbound service, so passengers may 'stay on' to travel to stops in Longsands past Anderton Arms, such as the stop for Fulwood Hall Hosptial.

Passengers for Deepdale, Holme Slack and Cromwell Road are advised to use alternative services 6/19 on Deepdale Road or 8 on Ribbleton Lane. We regret the removal of the outbound 14/14A service during the morning peak period, but this has been done to allow resources to be used on the revised service 5 which is felt will benefit the majority of passengers. 

Click here to download the revised 14/14A timetable.


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<![CDATA[Service Changes to 74, 75, 75A, 80]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/ServiceChangesto747575A80_563.html From Monday 20th February there are some route and timetable revisions to LCC contracted services 74, 75, 75A and 80

Lancashire County Council has revised the tendered bus service network in Wyre and Fylde. These revisions will maintain public transport service links for Elswick and Great Eccleston, following the withdrawal of Service 78 from this area, whilst reinstating the hourly Monday to Saturday daytime service between Fleetwood, Poulton, Kirkham and Preston with connections to Blackpool and Victoria Hospital, as summarised below. Click here to download the new timetable.

Route and timetable revised, adjusting the service to operate between Poulton and Blackpool only. The service maintains a timed connection with Services 75 & 75A from Fleetwood and Thornton and also provides timed connections from the eastern side of the routes (between Preston and Poulton) for journeys to Victoria Hospital and Blackpool. The service operates every hour Monday to Saturday daytime.

Route and timetable revised, adjusting the route between Fleetwood and Thornton serving Windward Avenue estate to utilise developer funding to provide a service for this area.
The service operates every two hours Monday to Saturday daytime. In conjunction with Service 75A, a combined hourly service has been provided on the following sections:

  • between Fleetwood, Thornton and Poulton on the same route;
  • between the end to end key destinations of Fleetwood, Poulton, Kirkham and Preston;
  • between Kirkham, Riversway and Preston on the same route.

In revising the route to serve Windward Avenue, the section of Pheasants Wood, Tennyson Avenue and Marsh Road in Thornton will no longer be able to be served. Catch22bus Ltd's commercial bus Service 23 has been revised to serve these areas providing the link with Cleveleys, Thornton and Poulton centres as well as Victoria Hospital.
The revision of the tendered bus service route between Fleetwood and Poulton improves overall service reliability, whilst maintaining a connection for the wider Thornton community for links to Fleetwood, Poulton, Victoria Hospital, Blackpool and Preston.

Service introduced to retain the existing level of service between Fleetwood, Thornton and Poulton on the same route as the revised Service 75, and also maintain public transport service links between Elswick and Great Eccleston with Kirkham and Poulton, following the withdrawal of Service 78 from these areas. The service operates every two hours Monday to Saturday daytime. In conjunction with the Service 75, a combined hourly service has been provided on the following sections:

  • between Fleetwood, Thornton and Poulton on the same route;
  • between the end to end key destinations of Fleetwood, Poulton, Kirkham and Preston;
  • between Kirkham, Riversway and Preston on the same route.

A single am & pm journey extends on college days to serve Blackpool Sixth Form College

Route and timetable revised, adjusting the route between Ashton and Preston to serve the Maudland Bank area. This maintains the link to Preston Railway Station whilst avoiding duplicating Service 75A through Riversway and other commercial bus services on Fylde Road. The service continues to operate every two hours Monday to Saturday daytime. In conjunction with the Service 75A, a combined hourly service has been provided between the end to end key destinations of Great Eccleston, Elswick and Preston.

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<![CDATA[Revised Fulwood Academy School Services]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/RevisedFulwoodAcademySchoolServices_556.html Some school bus services to Fulwood Academy are revised from Monday 30th January.

Please click here for timetable information.

Wed, 25 Jan 2017 00:00:00 GMT http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/RevisedFulwoodAcademySchoolServices_556.html
<![CDATA[Direct evening journeys launched to make commuters' lives easier]]> http://www.prestonbus.co.uk/news/Directeveningjourneyslaunchedtomakecommutersliveseasier_555.html From Monday 30th January, Preston Bus are pleased to announce that a new weekdays-only peak-time service to the Bus Station will be launched from the North East Preston Employment Area. 

The new service will be numbered 5 and journeys will operate from the Oliver's Place/Caxton Road junction via Pittman Way (past JTF and the Royal Mail depot) to Eastway then direct to the Bus Station via Watling Street Road and Deepdale Road. Passengers will be able to board the route at any stop along Oliver's Place or Pittman Way, but please note that the bus will NOT enter the Asda car park. As an introductory offer, passengers may travel FREE OF CHARGE until Friday 24th March. From Monday 27th March, regular Preston Bus fares will apply. 

Journeys will depart from Caxton Road/Oliver's Place at the times below (Monday-Friday only), with the journey taking 18-20 minutes, approximately 10-12 minutes faster than using the 23 service. 




For the full timetable and route map, please click here.

If the new service 5 journeys are popular with passengers, we will look at introducing additional journeys to meet demand. Furthermore, from Monday 27th March, a number of service 5 journeys from the Bus Station towards the employment area between 0700 and 0900 will be introduced - please check back here for details nearer the time. 

Please note that service 23 will not be affected by these changes. 


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