Rotala Plc

The parent company of Preston Bus Limited is Rotala Plc.

Rotala Plc is an AIM listed company operating commercial and subsidised bus routes for businesses, local authorities, the public and private individuals. Its presence in the UK is concentrated in three main areas: Preston, the West Midlands and the South West. However, our bases at airports allow for country-wide coverage.
Each area of the UK is unique and therefore has its own specific transport requirements. For that reason, Rotala operates local depots run by local managers who know the area and the market extremely well. The success that has been achieved by this strategy proves that a community approach serves customers much better than a head-office attempting to dictate transport policy. Local managers are empowered to make their own decisions, to deliver area focussed, high-quality services.
Rotala aims to create locally branded routes and vehicles that retain a format recognisable as Rotala-owned. We believe that passengers will take confidence from knowing their service is backed by a larger, UK wide transport provider.

Other Rotala Plc companies and brands include: The Diamond Bus Company, Blue Diamond Bus, Wessex, Flights Hallmark.